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KB1.0 Spider Crane
KB1.0 Spider Crane
KB3.0 Spider Crane
KB3.0 Spider Crane
KB5.0 spider crane
KB5.0 spider crane
KB8.0 spider crane
KB8.0 spider crane
KBE3.0 all-electric wheeled crane
KBE3.0 all-electric wheeled crane
KBZ3.0 wheeled crane
KBZ3.0 wheeled crane
KBL3.0 wheeled crane
KBL3.0 wheeled crane
KBS-500 manual crane
KBS-500 manual crane
KBD295 wheeled mini crane
KBD295 wheeled mini crane
The first domestic r & d production of spider crane manufacturers
The first domestic r & d production of spider crane manufacturers

Founded in 2009, KB crane is a leading manufacturer of mini crane (spider crane)for narrow space in China.It mainly specializes in producing KB series mini crane, KBG series aerial work platform and KBD series all electric mini wheel crane.

For years, Zhengzhou Kebu Technology Co., Ltd. (KB crane) has been engaged in researching and manufacturing mini crane and the deep processing of their spare parts. KB crane pursues excelsior on product quality, and we have passed the Quality System Authentication ISO9001 and CE certificate and Special Equipment Manufacturing License of the P.R.China. We have perfect support network, both in machine selection and after sales. Even young, our products have received extensive recognition with good quality and service.

With strong R&D capabilities, we own a number of patent technology on mini crane.And the patent number is:ZL 2009 20092576.X.KB series mini crane are designde for narrow space work.The cases of Shanghai Tower, General motors, Honda motor, the State Grid and other clients show:KB mini crane can assist you with your Construction, Glazing, Steel Erection, Landscaping, Timber Roofs, Maintenance, Industrial plants, Museums and much more.

At present, our products have been exported to Canada, Britain, Russia, Australia, Brazil, Vietnam , the united Arab emirates , the United States and other countries.

enterprise cultureBusiness philosophy

"Customer is the foundation of the enterprise, innovation is the soul of development" innovation is the inexhaustible driving force for the development of any enterprise. Only by always leading the market and superior to the market consumption requirements, can we obtain the satisfaction and loyalty of consumers and shape the advantageous brand of enterprises. !

Kebu technology always believes that ideas guide the industry and models create the future.

Scientific and technological integrity and quality for this reason, kebu technology adhere to market-oriented, quality-based, talent-based, innovation-driven as the purpose of the enterprise, in order to fundamentally enhance the product brand value and promote kebu technology brand process to carry out the development of the national market.

The vision and mission of kebu is to be the first competitive service provider that the industry leads and the users choose.

Science and technology is the driving force of enterprise development

Science and technology change the world, science and technology change the future

Quality is the intrinsic theme of the enterprise

Quality is the criterion, is the responsibility, is the lifeline of the enterprise

Integrity is the foundation of the enterprise

Build a sincere for this, social trust for the basis

Do business steadfastly, the contract must carry out

Efficiency is the wheel of enterprise development

It doesn't matter how long it's been done

What matters is how much

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Regular professional small crane manufacturers.2018-03-04
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With the development of the society, all kinds of construct
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Be responsible for every process
Responsible for each product
Be responsible to every user
Pre-sale, sale, after-sales trinity, a full range of customers to provide quality service
24 hours telephone service, holiday service as usual
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address:100 meters north of the intersection of hongsong road and chemical road, high-tech zone, zhengzhou, China

zip code:450001

sales hotline:0371-60972896

other hotline:+86-133 7391 2951

international trade:+86-133 7391 2951


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