company address
Kebu technology: 100 meters north of intersection of hongsong road and chemical road, zhengzhou high-tech zone, China zip code: 450001
People contact
Sales hotline:0371-6097 2896
Other sales hotlines:+86-133 7391 2961
International trade:+86-133 7391 2951
Enterprise fax:+86-371-60972896
Japanese agent:Katayama YuFu Mobile phone:00 81 90-3954-3847
Australian agent:Mr. Li Mobile phone0061405995747

Zhengzhou kebu technology co., ltd. was established in 2009 by acquiring the China plant of Japan industrial corporation. Is a collection design, development, production, sales of small crane as one of the company. Over the years has been committed to the development of new products and technological transformation, has accumulated rich professional experience, developed a small 1 ton crane, 3 tons of crane, small five tons crane, with excellent performance, beautiful appearance and perfect and thoughtful after-sales service, won the majority of users trust and praise, the products are widely used in electric power maintenance, installation and maintenance, the workshop glass curtain wall installation, floor lifting, etc., covering more than 30 provinces in the country. At the same time, also engaged in the export of Japan die casting parts, chemical pelleting blade processing.

Company extensive international technical exchanges, and Japan, Germany, the United States about all-round technical cooperation society. The company has the abundant technical research and development capabilities, has a high-quality scientific research team, with all kinds of welding and numerical control processing equipment, can be designed according to user requirements, meet the needs of different industries.

In addition, according to customer requirements, the company also actively carry out crane leasing business. Provide technical support to the hoisting industry of small space directly.

The company adheres to the principle of "customer first" to provide customers with quality products and reliable solutions. Welcome!

Online Message
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